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I.T. Support Contracts

Mitchells Online specialises in providing comprehensive IT support and consultancy to small and medium sized companies in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

We understand the issues with running a business this size, particularly in fitting IT to your organization’s business process.

You need responsiveness and the commitment from your IT Support supplier to help you plan and grow your IT infrastructure with maximum flexibility.

In our experience it isn't cost-effective for companies with less than 150 computers to have computer support personnel on the payroll. An outsourced IT Support company engaged on a Service Level Agreement is far more cost effective.

We are a Microsoft Registered Partner with extensive experience of the installation, maintenance and support all Microsoft technologies and products.

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Ad-Hoc IT Support

If your IT setup is more modest, with say 5 or fewer computers, an IT  Support Contract may be a touch over the top for your needs.

In these cases it may be more appropriate to use our support services on an ad-hoc arrangement.

The way this works is that after an initial audit of your IT setup, we register you on our system as an ad-hoc client.

Then, when you need our help, you simply contact us, we raise a support incident and go to work to solve your problem. At the close of each month we send you an itemised statement of all the work done.


One-Off Projects

You may have something specific in mind that you need to get done, or a technology or workflow problem that you need solved.

In these cases we can provide you with a fixed price quotation for a one-off IT project. Typically these are projects such as:

  • Install a new or replacement or server
  • Modify or extend a computer network
  • Provide remote working to your users
  • Move you to Office 365
  • Design a custom app to help run your business

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