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Database Designers

Web-based or Custom Applications

Database Design Services

We have lots of experience developing both desktop, web and browser-based database applications to our clients' exact specifications.

We can also provide desktop applications accessible by mobile devices such as mobiles or tablets.

  • Free no obligation initial consultation.
  • Fixed price quotation with milestones.
  • Free user support for 3 months.
  • Full product warranty.

As a Microsoft Registered Partner, Mitchells Online specialises in the use of Microsoft technologies, utilising  SQL Server, ASP.NET / MVC, SQL Server, Access, SharePoint etc. 

Working with you, we'll choose the platform to best match your requirements, both for now and for the future. 

 Design Process

You clearly have an idea in mind of what you want your database application to deliver.

We work closely with you and your team to help you to articulate that requirement as a technical specification.

We asses your requirement and advise on the best platform to use, not just for the database (back-end)  but also for the user interface (the front-end).

Back end technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Access are considered as well as front end technologies such as browser-based (ASP.Net Web Forms or MVC), Microsoft Access, or a custom desktop program (A .EXE) that you launch from the start menu.

Once agreed, we issue a fixed price quotation for the development, with time-scales. Once agreed, we get going your the initial prototype.

During the development we encourage you to test and feedback to us on how its meeting your specification

Ongoing Support

These types of system never stand still. As you use your system more and more, we guarantee you'll spot things extra features you'd like to ad.

Also when your business changes the database will need to adapt and change to new requirements.

We'll be on-hand to support and modify the system to accommodate.

Take a look at our Supply Teaching Agency Hosted App - "Indigo" as an example.

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