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Supply Teaching Employment Agency Software

Are you still using cumbersome spreadsheets, Access databases or heaven forbid paper to keep track of your Supply Teacher placements?

Indigo Agency Manager is an on premises or cloud based application to keep records of your Teachers, your Schools and your School Contacts.  In fact, almost everything you need to run your supply agency business efficiently and smoothly. Indigo Agency Manager allows you to maintain details of schools, schools’ contacts supply teachers and their placements into schools.

1. Store Your Teaching Staff Information

Add your Supply Teaching Agency staff to the system. Here you can store their details, such as CRB/DBS checks, right to work in the UK Checks, qualifications etc.

You can upload passport style photos of your Supply Teachers. Also, you may upload Teachers' CVs (in PDF or plain text) to the system so you can easily retrieve them and email them to your selected school contacts.

Add detailed availability information to your Supply Teachers, such as which year groups they are prepared to teach, what dates, days of the week, mornings or afternoons.

Record the pay rates for different assignment type for each teacher and all their qualifications.

2. Store School and Contact Information

Input all your schools into the system as the information about the schools such as what type, year groups.

Add all your contacts for each school, with journals against each contact to record any conversations, agreements etc.

Record all your default assignment fees for each school.

Once you get a requirement in from a school, you can add that to the system as a "teaching slot"

These teaching slots allow you to specify mornings/afternoons, days of the week, year groups, subjects etc..

3. Make that Booking with a Click!

Then at the click of a mouse (or tap on the screen) Indigo uses logic to present a list of available supply teachers who could be placed in any given teaching slot!

Click your chosen supply teacher to make the booking and it gets recorded on the system.

You, the agency have the last say, no bookings are automatic.

Once a booking is made, confirmation emails will then be sent by the system automatically to the supply teacher and the school contact to confirm the booking.

Your own company branding will be on all communications sent from the system.


Journals can be maintained for schools, contacts and teachers, so a detailed record of conversations, notes etc. may be kept and reviewed.

When emails are sent to a teacher or a school contact to confirm a booking, a copy of the email is stored in all relevant journals.

Journals are a really useful part of your relationship management to record conversations, agreements and incidents.

"No Thanks" Lists

Yes, we know it happens..  Certain schools don't want certain teachers and certain teachers really don't want to go to certain schools!

To cater for this you can add "no-thanks" schools to teachers, and vice versa so that teachers will not appear for selection against a teaching slot if there is a "no-thanks" entry either way.

Custom Email Templates

We know all agencies work differently so when you sign-up for Indigo Agency Manager, we work with you to design your own customised templates for the various emails the system sends out to Schools and Teaching Staff.

All emails go out from you, the user of the system, with your name and email address. We try to achieve the personal touch to your communications.

General Information

Do you need to work on the same data so that several regional offices can collaborate together on one common system? No problem! The user interface to Indigo is browser based, accessed using Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc., this makes the application accessible from PCs, Macs and iPads. Users are required to log-in using an email address a password, which they may change themselves or have a reminder sent to them. Administrators of the system will have the ability to add or remove users, change their passwords or other details and rights. Once logged in, users will only be able to access areas of the application to which they are entitled.

The Future!

There’s lots of other features with modules being developed for teachers to input their time-sheets and for schools to post their vacancies. The whole system is accessible from your office or from home as it is hosted securely in the cloud. The format of the application isn’t set in stone as we can tailor it to your specific needs. Your application is hosted on our secure servers and your data is backed up twice a day and a seven day history of your backups is kept.

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You'll never look back!

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