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Computer Support Contracts in Woking

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IT Helpdesk

Your staff may raise IT helpdesk support requests via our website, email or phone for us to address them for you, quickly and efficiently.

Your assigned Consulting Engineer effectively becomes your “IT guy” and works as your primary contact to share all your IT problems, decisions and plans.

Your Consulting Engineer either progresses issues to conclusion or directs other resources at their disposal to address the issues for you.

Your IT Helpdesk is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Out of hours services are available by prior arrangement.

In most cases we can resolve issues remotely via remote control, but we'll also visit you if and when needed.

Detailed Monitoring

We monitor your server(s) and key network components 24/7, so that in most cases we correct potential issues before they arise.

At the close of each month we provide you with an activity report showing all the interventions carried out by us, how long they took, and who raised the issue.

We also provide an updated report showing all outstanding recommendations, and projects and their status.


License Management

It’s frighteningly easy to get caught-out by licensing issues. We work closely with you to manage and optimise your software licenses, to keep you legal.

This includes developing a framework that prevents users from installing potentially non-licensed and sometimes harmful software, for which company directors end up getting named, shamed and sometimes prosecuted!

Microsoft Partner in Woking

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Computer and IT Support and Maintenance in Woking Surrey

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