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These days, the whole business of web design is becoming more and more template driven with "DIY" sites like Wix, SquareSpace and a host of others.

Because of this proliferation of great, template driven services, if a potential client comes to us wanting a fairly simple, flat website we generally recommend one of these. 

But We Can Help!

If you find it daunting however, we can act on your behalf with one of these great template-based website providers and do the grunt-work for you!

Creating the well optimised copy, choosing images and helping your site come-up on Google and Bing is quite a specialist task to which we can bring a lot of experience.

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Interactive Web Sites

Our specialisation at Mitchells Online are web sites that are more like applications, with data integration for an immersive experience for your sites' visitors.

If you want a site that not only looks great but gives your customers, associates or staff a way to login to get and post personalized information, then you've arrived at the right place!

We have lots of experience developing web browser-based applications to our clients' exacting specifications.

Responsive Design

Where relevant, our web site designers use responsive design. That means the whether the website is viewed on a large computer screen, or on a mobile phone or tablet, the site will magically morph itself to suit the visitors' devices.

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Web App Design

Connect a web site to a database and whole new sphere of possibilities opens up. A webs site needn't even be available on the internet.

An internal-only website (intranet) can be used to assist with the processes in your business.

Database technology can be used to store information about your customers, products, personnel, sales figures plus many other aspects of the business.

  • Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)
  • Estate Agency Automation
  • Employment Agency Systems
  • Inventory Systems
  • Sales Tracking Systems
  • Personnel Systems
  • Appointment Systems
  • Booking and Reservation Systems

Take a look at our Supply Teaching Agency App - "Indigo" as an example.

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