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Mitchells Online are suppliers of high performance PCs based on either Intel or AMD processors, with Windows 10 included or without operating system.

Need a PC with Windows "Professional" edition so it will work with your server and network? That's our speciality.

You can choose from one of our standard models or we'll custom-build to order based on an agreed specification.

When you have an existing network, purchasing an "off the shelf" PC can often land you in more problems than you bargained for!

There's no "bloatware" on our PCs!

As an IT support company, we specialise in building PCs and Servers that integrate perfectly into your existing network or office environment.

Things to Consider

Solid State Disks (SSD) can dramatically boost performance. They are becoming less expensive by the day.

RAID (mirrored). Hard disks are so inexpensive these days that if your PC is used for business and you don't have a server,  it's a must-have to protect your data from a hard disk crash.

Will the PC be networked, if so what type of network?

If your network has a 'domain' you should order Windows "Professional".

If you company uses a server, or your data is more cloud-based, do you really need big hard disks in your PCs? (Go for a small, super-fast SSD instead)

If you already have a quite a few PCs in your office, are you taking full advantage of site licensing for your software?


Discuss Build Install

We'll spend time discussing your needs with you, and give you guidance as to the things that maybe you hadn't thought about.

Then we'll specify either a standard or custom built PC to exactly cater for your needs. We specialise in hand-built, top performance systems with great support, which are optimised to meet your requirements.

We can deliver to you, set it up, test it, connect it to your network. We're also on-call to support you if you have any problems.

With our server products, we can arrange it so that we regularly remote-in to your new server to check everything is running smoothly or remotely configure it for you. 


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